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Each of the following workshops can be customized to suit your healthcare organization’s culture, organizational goals and specific staff, team and leadership needs including using specific examples and case studies that reflect the organization. Should you have learning needs that are not addressed by these programs we would of course be happy to review your learning objectives and develop a program to meet your specific needs. Please note that the length of each workshop will be dependent upon your needs and goals. Each program includes the option to incorporate the Learning that Sticks process to help transfer the learning from the workshop to the workplace.

Improving Healthcare Team Performance

Based on the book Improving Healthcare Team Performance: The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care, this workshop provides new and experienced leaders with a roadmap for developing high performance teams in which collaboration, trust, open communication, a positive staff experience and exceptional patient care are the norm. Participants of this workshop will each receive a copy of the book, gain access to online tools to support their development and will walk away with a set of practical knowledge and tools to:

Get a Grip on your New Role as a Leader

Making the transition into the role of a new leader can be overwhelming if unequipped with the right skills and know-how to achieve success. Many new leaders are set-up for failure as a result of not receiving the training and coaching required for a smooth transition to their new role, resulting in poor leadership which leads to poor team and organizational results, higher levels of conflict and stress and higher levels of turnover. More than one-quarter of managers said they weren’t ready to lead when they began managing others, and 58% said they didn’t receive any training according to a national U.S study conducted by CareerBuilder.

This workshop provides you with a road-map to becoming an effective leader and gives you tips and tools for avoiding the pot-holes that inevitably appear along the way.

You will learn:

Get a Grip on Coaching

“I don’t have time to coach!” or “I don’t know how to coach!” are phrases commonly uttered by leaders around the world in response to a growing number of organizations moving to "coaching cultures". Many healthcare leaders and staff are now required to incorporate coaching and mentoring into their daily work, whether it is mentoring a student or new nursing grad, or a leader coaching a staff member on performance related challenges, it is a responsibility that many shy away from due to pre-conceived notions of what "coaching" really is. Coaching is simply about having engaging conversations and asking powerful questions. Period. You don’t need to be a professional coach to coach effectively and you certainly don’t need to block off a couple of hours every week to coach your employees. Get a Grip on Coaching will show you how you can weave coaching into your everyday practices and increase the performance of your team and its individual members.

You will learn:

Get a Grip on Better Results

Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Most leaders push themselves harder and harder to improve results, often with too little time and too few resources. What most don’t recognize, however, is what they need to do differently. Get a Grip on Better Results shows you how to improve results by simply making small tweaks that lead to big results. This program introduces you to the key results factors and shows you how to implement them within your team(s).

You will learn:

Get a Grip on Managing and Leading Change

It is true that change is the only constant but that doesn’t make it any easier to manage. As a leader, developing your team to be open to and ready for change is a key responsibility and competency, along with ensuring your team has the ability to execute change effectively so that it sticks over the long term. Through this workshop you will learn:

Get a Grip on Conflict Management

Conflict at work not only affects interpersonal relations but also decision making, execution, productivity and so ultimately performance of individuals and the organization. In this workshop you will learn how to prevent and manage destructive conflict and how to mine the possible good from a conflict situation. The following are the key pieces of conflict management knowledge and practices you will learn:

Get a Grip on Performance Management

Everything you need to turn any performance management process into a highly valuable and engaging experience. An exceptional performance management process that fully taps people’s talent and potential includes the traditional appraisal system but goes beyond.

In this program you will learn how to create powerful conversations that result in visible performance improvement. You will gain the tools and knowledge necessary to create an environment where feedback, continuous improvement and learning become part of the everyday.

You will learn:

Get a Grip on Meetings

Meeting facilitation has been called the key competency for the 21st Century. It is a skill directly linked to the success of your team and organization. Productive, well managed meetings move business forward and result in better communication, greater employee engagement, better decisions, better execution, improved results and a sense of team that leads to higher performance.

This program provides you with dozens of proven tools and techniques to ensure your meetings pay off in results. Whether you are a leader, are asked occasionally to lead a meeting, or are looking to build your skills for future responsibilities, you will gain the know how to become a dynamic and effective meeting leader.

You will learn:

Learning that Sticks

We recommend including the Learning that Sticks process to your program to help ensure learning is effectively transferred from the workshop to the job. With the Learning that Sticks process, each participant in the workshop will receive additional support through a variety of channels over the course of 8 weeks following the workshop including: