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Power-Up your Healthcare Teams

High performance teams don't just happen; they are developed. Like us, teams can't expect to be fit and able to perform at their peak if they never work at it. The Power-Up Your Team development process moves your team from where it is to where your team members and your patients deserve it to be and ensures that your team will achieve:

The Power-Up Your Team Development Process

The Power-Up Your Team Development Process
  1. The Healthcare Team Fitness Test

    The Healthcare Team Fitness Test measures the 7 critical elements of high performance healthcare teams (page 3) and identifies a team's present strengths and growth opportunities. In order for a team to become even better than it is, the goals to be achieved must be clearly understood. Team members usually have ideas as to what could be better in their team. Few, however, have specific knowledge of what is required for high performance teamwork. Therefore, even when a team is consciously trying to improve, critical aspects that may be blocking team performance are often overlooked. The Healthcare Team Fitness Test ensures that team members understand what creates high performance teamwork and focuses the team's attention on the areas that will bring the greatest return.

  2. The Team Workout (1 day workshop)

    Team members participate in an interactive and customized workshop in which they examine their team profile, come to understand their strengths and weakness and their underlying causes, identify behaviours and practices that will quickly increase the team's performance, and make commitments to move the team forward. The process is led by a Nicole Bendaly, the co-author of Improving Healthcare Team Performance: the 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care. Nicole will challenge thinking and provide coaching for the team and individual members as appropriate.

  3. The Action Report

    Nicole Bendaly will meet with your team to present the action report which recaps the group's commitments and importantly adds Nicole's observations and recommendations for the team. During this session the team identifies and commits to practices that ensure the changes will "take" and the development process will be ongoing.

  4. Learning that Sticks

    The team participates in ongoing team development through a number of channels over a 2 month period so as to ensure team development is maintained and kept a priority. The process includes webinars, team coaching, and additional tips and tools delivered regularly to the team via email.

  5. The Healthcare Team Fitness Test - Round 2

    Approximately 6 months after the workshop your team will complete the Healthcare Team Fitness Test again. The team and Nicole will meet to check progress, reinforce commitments, and make any additional decisions required to continue to move the team ahead.

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