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Keynotes & Workshops


Our workshops are designed to address the unique challenges healthcare organizations face and can be customized to suit your specific healthcare organization's culture, organizational goals and patient care, staff, team and leadership needs including using specific examples and case studies that reflect your organization. Should you have learning needs that are not addressed by these programs we would of course be happy to review your learning objectives and develop a program to meet your specific needs. Please note that the length of each workshop will be dependent upon your needs and goals. Each program includes the option to incorporate the Learning that Sticks process to help transfer the learning from the workshop to the workplace.  Read more...

Team Development

Based on the book Improving Healthcare Team Performance, the Power Up Your Team development process is designed to move your team from where it is to where your staff and patients deserve it to be and ensures that your team will achieve:

This program is designed to ensure team members leave with the ability to apply knew knowledge and skills so they can quickly create positive change for the benefit of their team, their patients, their organization and for themselves.  Read more...


We take great pride in ensuring our keynotes speak directly to your audience by committing to a thorough customization process. We will work closely with you to gain an understanding of your audience, their needs and unique challenges that the keynote can address. We will customize the keynote to include relevant examples, stories and learning to ensure your audience walks away having had a positive and engaging experience, along with the tools they need to begin to affect necessary change.  Read more...