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Creating a High Performance Healthcare Team

Based on the book Improving Healthcare Team Performance: The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care, this keynote focuses on the requirements necessary for developing a team-based culture in which collaboration, a positive staff experience and exceptional patient care are at the heart of each and every team. In this keynote, Nicole Bendaly shares practical ways in which healthcare leaders can develop their teams and their own leadership capabilities by applying 7 elements of a high performance healthcare team.

High Performance Leadership: The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Difference

Albert Einstein once said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Most leaders in healthcare push themselves harder and harder to improve results often with too little time and too few resources. In this situation we often end up operating on automatic pilot, pushing harder to make what we have always done work. Changing even a few small things can allow the leader to achieve greater results with less struggle. In this keynote address Nicole Bendaly will share with you the difference between leaders who make exceptional things happen, even in challenging times, and those who may struggle to do so but don’t succeed. You will learn how to check whether you are running on automatic pilot, and if so, how to turn it off. And in an industry where knowledge sharing is at the heart of creating improved performance and better patient outcomes, the practical tips and tools shared by Nicole will allow you to begin to create a more cohesive team environment, and to begin to develop more open, collaborative relationships - key elements in creating a high performance culture.

Thriving in Times of Change – How to Develop a Change Compatible Culture

The success of change is determined neither by a team’s ability to implement a project plan nor by the leader’s ability to identify and manage logistical issues. While these are of course important, success will be determined in great part by a team’s attitude and approach to change, by their ability to support one another throughout the process and by their willingness to be flexible and adaptable during this period of change. Healthcare organizations that thrive today are ones that are compatible with change, compatibility requires that teams and leaders respond quickly, positively and adapt easily throughout the change process. In this keynote, Nicole Bendaly will share the 5 key drivers for successful change - the essentials that ensure change is not only supported by team members but that it sticks in the long run. These 5 drivers are critical requirements in healthcare where much change is being experienced at an increasing rate, resulting in greater resistance from staff who feel overstressed and undervalued. With the knowledge and tools gained through this keynote leaders not only gain the ability to lead their staff successfully through change but also develop more cohesive, trusting and collaborative teams along the way.